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Our customers are our fans!

At PlatCore, our customers drive everything we do, including our product roadmaps, and we are dedicated to ensuring their success.

Confie | Native LMS Data Case Study



“We embarked on a journey to find a better solution when our existing LMS couldn’t meet our needs. Discovering PlatCore’s capabilities and value made the decision to invest in it an easy one.”

New Zealand Parliament | Platcore Customer & Success Story

NZ Parliament


“PlatCore LMS is an excellent product, and their team’s support and collaboration have been 100%. They continue to be there to help us and are fully committed to our success.”

OrthoVirginia | Platcore Customer & Success Story



“PlatCore, and its integration with ServiceNow, has allowed us to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do with any other LMS vendor. PlatCore is so much more than a typical LMS!”

Beck's | Platcore Customer & Success Story



“I have not had a better experience installing & integrating a major piece of software! The professionals at Platcore have thought their product through very carefully & thoroughly. They were friendly & responsive…”

Hautelook | Platcore Customer & Success Story


Consumer Goods

“PlatCore’s interface is easy & personalized. We were able to build a very comprehensive learning center that allowed us to provide learning paths to enhance job performance & give direction. I strongly recommend PlatCore!”

New York City Department of Transportation | Platcore Customer & Success Story

New York City DOT


“We are glad that we found PlatCore. Previously, our system was not very user friendly and we spent countless hours updating and keeping data intact. PlatCore helped support our goals & extend beyond e-learning to include ILT classes.”

Novelis | Platcore Customer & Success Story



“PlatCore takes something complex & makes it easy and intuitive. In addition, they provide an unmatched level of support. I highly recommend this tool, and the PlatCore team, to any company looking to add, or supplant, an LMS!”

Nuvolo | Platcore Customer & Success Story



“Being a ServiceNow ISV, we start any business need with a “What can we do on ServiceNow” mentality. PlatCore’s LMS was the best choice in all the right places, easy to use and integrate into the ecosystem! Good Work Team!”

City of Townsville | Platcore Customer & Success Story

Townsville City Council

Public Sector

“PlatCore is seamless when you run on the Service Now platform. Users, reporting lines, approvals, groups, etc, the architecture is already created and verified. Installing & using the LMS is simple & quick. I highly recommend PlatCore!”

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