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WEBINAR: 5 Key Features of a Government LMS

Secure, efficient Learning Management is more critical than ever in the Public Sector. Training serves to maintain your agency's safety, connection, compliance, and security during foundational changes. From PlatCore CEO, Jon Becker, learn the 5 key features a Government LMS needs, and why they are so important to your agency - and staff.

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A Native ServiceNow Learning Management Application, PlatCore presents an innovative and efficient new approach to training delivery. We hope you enjoyed this presentation as well as hearing success stories from customers, as well as a short demo.

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Jon Becker, PlatCore LMS

Founder & CEO of PlatCore, Jon brings 25+ years of operations, product, & technology experience including 7+ years ServiceNow Platform experience.


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
June 30, 2020