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Case Study: OrthoVirginia's ServiceNow Learning Workflows

While the average time to launch an LMS is between 6 -12 months, the team at OrthoVirginia was able to go live in just under one month. But they were launching more than just a typical LMS.

This case study shows how OrthoVirginia built:

  • Innovative Learning Workflows
  • Dynamic Assignments
  • Connected Data and Reporting

As a Native Application, PlatCore LMS helps OrthoVirginia embed learning into company-wide processes for an unbeatable time to value.

This case study shows how they deeply connected learning to their existing systems and processes. Now, Learning Workflows 'auto-magically' drive better efficiency and a better learning experience.

To learn more, download the full OrthoVirginia Case Study!



Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
August 18, 2022