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Case Study: Training Built on ServiceNow

A Native ServiceNow Application, Proven Optics automates IT Financial Management with award-winning SaaS solutions for budgeting, cost modeling, and cost recovery. They adopted PlatCore LMS to provide scalable, centralized training for their rapidly growing company.

PlatCore's Native ServiceNow LMS has enabled:

Simple, Easy Learning Experiences 

Centralized Location for Training

Flexibility to Enable Grow

With PlatCore LMS, Proven Optics can create and deliver training with incredible efficiency. The seamless integration with ServiceNow ensures a smooth user experience, while robust analytics provide real-time insights. This enables Proven Optics to adapt and refine its training strategies continuously.

A 'proven' solution, PlatCore has ensured that Proven Optics' training keeps pace with its growth, setting the stage for future automation and expansion.

To learn more, download the full case study! 



Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
June 4, 2024
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