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EVENT: Streamlined Training at OrthoVirginia

Are you looking to streamline and increase the efficiency of your Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives? Join us for an exclusive webinar to hear OrthoVirginia's journey of leveraging PlatCore LMS, a native ServiceNow application, to drive innovation in L&D.

We are grateful to have Ted Kraje join us to show how OrthoVirginia transformed training by:

  • Streamlining Learning Processes: Discover how workflows have optimized their training coordination and delivery.
  • Dynamic Assignments: Learn how leveraging learner data ensures secure and effective training for a variety of audiences.
  • Connected Data: See the power of a centralized learning center with real-time, integrated data for better decision-making and efficiency.


Why Attend?

OrthoVirginia has achieved incredible efficiency gains and outstanding outcomes by integrating PlatCore into their existing processes. This webinar will provide you with actionable insights to help you achieve similar success in your organization. Join us to learn how to:

  • Increase the Efficiency of Your L&D Spend: Implement strategies that maximize your training budget and outcomes.
  • Leverage IT to Scale Your Learning Initiatives: Use technology to extend the reach and impact of your L&D programs.




image 87

Ted Kraje, Director of Enterprise Applications, OrthoVirginia

The catalyst behind OrthoVirginia's IT innovations, Ted boosts operational efficiency and growth through technology solutions.


image 90

Drew Lawrence, Head of Sales, PlatCore LMS

With 15+ years in sales and operations, Drew delivers people-first, tailored growth solutions, empowering organizations to achieve explosive results.


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
July 9, 2024