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WEBINAR: Townsville's LMS

As a Government Agency, Townsville is required to operate in a highly regulatory environment. Hear this customer used PlatCore LMS to save 447 hours per month and achieve a 50% increase in efficiency. 

Maintaining annually mandated training for their wide variety of city staff, was an incredibly resource-intensive – and challenging task. Hear the story of Townsville's PlatCore LMS implementation and the resulting efficiencies. 

Watch Now:



Guest Presenter:

Townsville Government LMS

Maree Johnson, Learning & Development Specialist

An experienced L&D Leader, Maree is highly skilled at addressing the challenges that businesses face in the training/learning management system space.


We hope you enjoyed hearing about this customer's PlatCore LMS implementation, including their new training roles, sample training workflow automation, and stellar communications rollout.

The flexibility of the PlatCore LMS is truly world-class. If you have questions - or would like a personalized demo of the PlatCore LMS, our team would love to hear from you.

Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
July 8, 2020