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DIGITAL EVENT: Four Innovations for Gov Learning

Government agencies face the challenge of highly regulatory environments and demanding training requirements. Join us as we discuss four tech innovations that are helping meet these needs.

Have you have ever...

  • Selected an LMS that didn't meet your needs?
  • Had learning technology that consumed more budget than your learning content?
  • Struggled to find a secure LMS vendor?
  • Launched learning technology that's already outdated?

If you answered yes to any of these, this 35-minute presentation was made for you. 

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We want to help you find a solution. In this 35-minute presentation, Jon Becker, PlatCore's Founder and CEO, shares the inspiration behind native learning management and four innovations to simplify government learning.

In addition, you will see a live demo of the PlatCore LMS Federal Edition - including surveys, competencies, and compliance reporting.



Jon Becker, PlatCore Founder & CEO

Jon brings 25+ years of experience in operations, product, & technology including 7+ years on the ServiceNow Platform.


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
April 4, 2021