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Unlock Loyalty & Adoption with the #1 Customer Training LMS for ServiceNow

Building stronger, more profitable relationships starts with customer training and onboarding. PlatCore LMS, built on ServiceNow, provides an integrated learning management system that reduces cost to serve and churn while turning customers into brand advocates.


Trusted to power customer learning programs worldwide.


Learning Management Designed for Customer Success and Retention

Great customer training and onboarding is the key to long-term, profitable client relationships.
Your customers demand a streamlined training experience that helps them achieve their business goals and ROI.  You deserve an LMS that can make that a reality.

Powerful tools

Powerful tools to set your customer training apart

Set customers up for success at every stage of their journey—from onboarding to upskilling to renewal. PlatCore helps you create, deliver, manage, and measure every aspect of the training experience to continuously improve education and turn it into a competitive advantage.


Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Help customers realize their goals with relevant, personalized training that sets expectations and solves problems before they ever arise. Together, PlatCore can help you streamline and deliver a training experience that reduces friction and turns learners into brand evangelists.


Training for every customer need and learning style

Give customers the training experience they deserve with timely training assignments, instructor-led options, and user-friendly portals that curate courses and plans for customer self-service.

LMS Features to Serve & Support All of Your
Customers’ Needs

A great LMS enables you to deliver training that helps customers learn and grow at every stage of their journey and regardless of training preferences. Built on ServiceNow, PlatCore offers a powerful combination of learning management tools and integration capabilities that help organizations deliver training that exceeds customer expectations.
Intuitive, user-friendly learning portals

Provide streamlined, intuitive learning experiences accessible any time and on any device. Increase visibility and accountability with role-based portals for learners, trainers and managers.

Quizzes, assessments, & assignments

Evaluate learning objectives and motivate learners with a leaderboard, quizzes, graded assignments, checklists, activities, & more. This helps encourage learning—and validates modern compliance requirements.

Drag-and-drop course builder

Your learners aren’t the only ones who deserve a high-gloss, elegant learning experience. PlatCore’s powerful course builder provides drag-and-drop simplicity to help your education team reach their potential as well.

Certifications, training roles, & skills

Certifications let you monitor training associated with mission-critical goals or compliance requirements. You can also issue a ServiceNow Skill from any course completion.

Courses & learning plans

Rapidly build and deliver customized courses and learning plans for all of your training needs. With a wide range of content types supported—you have the flexibility to create new or import existing training from SCORM, XAPI, AICC, Video, PDF, PowerPoint, and more.

Dashboards, tracking, & reporting

Increase training visibility and insights from learner engagement with real-time tracking and reporting. Customize notifications, continuously improve, and keep learners accountable.

On-demand or instructor-led training (ILT)

Create a centralized learning center for all of your virtual or classroom-based training. Unify self-paced, ILT, virtual, blended learning, learning plans, or even 3rd party courses in one place.

Robust documentation & support

Our fantastic support team, video training series, and extensive documentation have all been built to help ensure your adoption, success, and ROI.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Abloy | PlatCore Customer

Abloy Oy

Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

“An easy-to-use training solution that is well supported! With the help of this solution, we were able to adapt quickly in these changing times, where face-to-face turned online overnight. We highly recommend to companies with any kind of training needs!”

Customer Training Insights

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Case Study: Training Built on ServiceNow
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eBook: Making the Case for a Native LMS
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eBook: Making the Case for an LMS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need ServiceNow to use the PlatCore LMS?

Yes. PlatCore LMS is built specifically for ServiceNow and runs natively on the Now Platform. In fact, PlatCore is the only full-featured, native LMS available on the ServiceNow marketplace. (While we do have customers that have purchased ServiceNow just for our LMS, those organizations that adopt ServiceNow across their organization tend to realize the most value and highest ROIs.)

What kind of companies does the PlatCore LMS work best for?

While companies of all sizes use the PlatCore LMS, generally mid to large enterprise companies  on the ServiceNow platform find the best value in our ability to help them overcome the complexities and challenges of training remote, hybrid, and globally-distributed learners.

Can the PlatCore LMS help train both internal and external users?

Absolutely. PlatCore helps organizations create learner-focused education portals for on-demand education and self-service. Whether you’re onboarding or upskilling employees, customers, partners, or distributors—PlatCore can help you streamline training and exceed expectations.

Can I create courses and learning plans specific to certain users or job functions?

Creating and managing personalized courses and learning plans tailored to the unique needs of different learners is absolutely necessary for enterprise and business training. PlatCore LMS gives you flexibility to create and deliver training to users however you need.

Can I automate certification and recertification at specific intervals?

Yep! PlatCore enables you to automate training assignments and certifications—even recertification after an certification expires.

Can I assign required training at specific stages along a customer’s journey?

The real power of a native ServiceNow LMS is that your training and education program integrates seamlessly with your core business platform. That gives you the ability gate access or trigger notifications and required training based on roles, events, or any other criteria controlled within ServiceNow.

I already have training plans and courses. Will PlatCore support those?

More than likely. PlatCore is designed to help teams rapidly create and rollout training regardless of what other tools are used to create them. That means PlatCore supports your PDFs, SCORM, XAPI, AICC, Videos & MP4s, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and more.

Does PlatCore support training in multiple languages?

It sure does. We believe rolling out training to all of your audiences should be easy—regardless of what language they speak. If you are developing training materials in various languages—PlatCore and ServiceNow offer the ability to deliver localized, personalized training.

How does a subscription for PlatCore LMS work?

PlatCore’s subscription model helps support your training efforts as you scale. That means you only pay for what you need and use. PlatCore offers competitive pricing on a per active seat basis. For more information on pricing or to see a demo, click here.


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