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Trusted Government Learning Management System (LMS)

A Native ServiceNow Application, PlatCore’s LMS has unmatched security, power and flexibility to meet public sector needs. Learn how the PlatCore LMS is providing a simple, modern training solution trusted by state, local and federal agencies.

Trusted to power government learning programs worldwide.


The World’s Most Secure, Flexible, and Powerful Government LMS

Most Learning Management Systems are external cloud platforms that contain and exchange your highly sensitive data. Because this data is a prime target for attacks, ensuring its safety is critically important.

A Native Application, PlatCore allows you to extend the world-class security, flexibility, and power of the Now Platform to your LMS. Deploy staff (or citizen) training directly from your ServiceNow instance – for learning in a FedRAMP High, IL5 and ATO in the GovCloud. 

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What Makes PlatCore Different From Other LMS Solutions?

Consolidate Systems

Consolidate Systems

Utilize your existing ServiceNow platform for a secure, reliable, and scalable learning system that can grow with you.

Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Leverage dynamic course assignments, training roles, workflows, & skills to reduce manual tasks and put learning on autopilot.

Simple Self-Service

Simple Self-Service

Centralize your training catalog (even embed in portals) to allow learners to quickly find courses and access transcripts.

Features Our Public Sector Clients Love.

Multiple hosting options

Deliver training directly from your existing ServiceNow instance – in a FedRAMP, cloud-based or on-premise solution.

Simplified Procurement

Leverage your existing platform, and our partnership with Carahsoft to greatly simplify the procurement process.

Compliance and Accountability Automation

Create dynamic and recurring training assignments. Customize, and even escalate, reminders to enhance staff accountability.

Quickly Create and Deliver Courses

Rapidly build new courses and import your existing content with limitless content types (including SCORM, XAPI, AICC, Video, MSDocs, PDF and more.)

Centralized Data and Reporting

Customize real-time reports and dashboards to track learning progress, training spend, and monitor compliance.

Support for Different Training Types

Create a centralized learning center with any self-paced e-learning, instructor-led courses, virtual classroom, blended learning or 3rd party courses.

Robust Documentation & Support

Our fantastic support team, video training series and extensive documentation have all been built to ensure your success.


Want to dig deeper?

What Our Customers Say

PlatCore ServiceNow LMS Customer NYDOT

NYC Dept of Transportation


“The PlatCore LMS team has been very helpful in supporting our goals and helped us to extend it beyond e-learning to include ILT classes. This has been a great journey and looking forward to the future!”

City of Townsville | Platcore Customer & Success Story

Townsville City Council

Public Sector

“The LMS integration is seamless when your business runs on the Service Now platform… I highly recommend PlatCore LMS to new businesses or growing businesses, setting this LMS up early makes a lot of sense and it can grow with your business.”

One Solution For All of Your Training and Education Needs!

Every organization, department, and employee has unique training needs. The PlatCore LMS provides a centralized and integrated learning center to help you deliver, manage, and measure training across your organization. That’s enterprise learning management, simplified. Because continuous learning is at the core of your success.

Get the Ultimate LMS Implementation Toolkit

For Customers
For Customers

Empower your customers to achieve more. Strengthen customer relation-ships and improve outcomes with value-focused, on-demand training.

For Employees
For Employees

Build a culture of continuous learning and unlock workforce potential with centralized role-based portals and extended knowledge tools.

For Compliance
For Compliance

Save time and reduce risk with a single training platform. Automate assignments and reporting to promote efficiency at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need ServiceNow to use the PlatCore LMS?

Yes. PlatCore LMS is built specifically for ServiceNow and runs natively on the Now Platform. In fact, PlatCore is the only full-featured, native LMS available on the ServiceNow marketplace. (While we do have customers that have purchased ServiceNow just for our LMS, those organizations that adopt ServiceNow across their organization tend to realize the most value and highest ROIs.)

What kind of companies does the PlatCore LMS work best for?

While companies of all sizes use the PlatCore LMS, generally mid to large enterprise companies  on the ServiceNow platform find the best value in our ability to help them overcome the complexities and challenges of training remote, hybrid, and globally-distributed learners.

Can the PlatCore LMS help train both internal and external users?

Absolutely. PlatCore helps organizations create learner-focused education portals for on-demand education and self-service. Whether you’re onboarding or upskilling employees, customers, partners, or distributors—PlatCore can help you streamline training and exceed expectations.

Can I create courses and learning plans specific to certain users or job functions?

Creating and managing personalized courses and learning plans tailored to the unique needs of different learners is absolutely necessary for enterprise and business training. PlatCore LMS gives you flexibility to create and deliver training to users however you need.

Can I automate certification and recertification at specific intervals?

Yep! PlatCore enables you to automate training assignments and certifications—even recertification after an certification expires.

Can I assign required training at specific stages along a customer’s journey?

The real power of a native ServiceNow LMS is that your training and education program integrates seamlessly with your core business platform. That gives you the ability gate access or trigger notifications and required training based on roles, events, or any other criteria controlled within ServiceNow.

I already have training plans and courses. Will PlatCore support those?

More than likely. PlatCore is designed to help teams rapidly create and rollout training regardless of what other tools are used to create them. That means PlatCore supports your PDFs, SCORM, XAPI, AICC, Videos & MP4s, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and more.

Does PlatCore support training in multiple languages?

It sure does. We believe rolling out training to all of your audiences should be easy—regardless of what language they speak. If you are developing training materials in various languages—PlatCore and ServiceNow offer the ability to deliver localized, personalized training.

How does a subscription for PlatCore LMS work?

PlatCore’s subscription model helps support your training efforts as you scale. That means you only pay for what you need and use. PlatCore offers competitive pricing on a per active seat basis. For more information on pricing or to request a quote, click here.


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