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Nuvolo: Training for a Modern Workforce

Nuvolo, a leading ServiceNow ISV Partner, is transforming the way that organizations manage their enterprise assets, workspaces, facilities, and suppliers. In just four years, they have been named the fastest-growing Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) company and have made the Inc. 500 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

In order to sustain this incredible growth, Nuvolo desired a flexible and scalable way to create and distribute product training to staff and customers. Their search led them to the ServiceNow Store and an introduction to PlatCore ensued. Built on ServiceNow, PlatCore provided an agility, capability, and value unmatched by competing enterprise Learning Management Systems (LMS). With a simplified, automated training platform, they can now focus on their core business of serving customers, employees, and the ServiceNow community.

The Problem

Nuvolo’s challenges originated from multiple business drivers. Their demanding, distributed, and rapidly growing workforce required an enterprise-grade Learning Management Solution. In addition to standard onboarding, skill development, and regulatory training, they needed to train multiple audiences (including staff, partners and customers) on a growing product line.

Traditional enterprise-grade Learning Management Systems are complicated, resource-intensive and expensive. They wanted a Learning Management System that would keep the focus on the product.

The Solution

Nuvolo installed the PlatCore LMS in their ServiceNow instance and were up and running in just one hour! Leveraging their current ServiceNow user data, they immediately began creating curriculum, assigning training, and tracking progress. They were then able to rapidly scale training distribution to both employees and customers.

PlatCore helped them avoid the upfront, ongoing and hidden costs of typical LMS’s. Leveraging the Now Platform, PlatCore helped Nuvolo automate training, providing an unmatched time to value.

“We start any business need with a ‘What can we do on ServiceNow’ mentality. In this case, PlatCore's LMS was the best choice in all the right places! The LMS was easy to use and is a seamless part of our ecosystem!” said Jason Siegrist, Nuvolo's Vice President of Information Technology.


When traditional Enterprise-grade Learning Management Systems failed to meet their needs, Nuvolo was grateful a better option for delivering training existed:

"PlatCore shares our vision for the Now Platform, as well as our passion for great product, and getting things done! They have been incredibly responsive in meeting our needs and are a valued partner," says Tom Stanford, CEO at Nuvolo.

Nuvolo has been pleased to find PlatCore’s roadmap is largely customer-driven and their support team is fantastic and responsive. In the first two years, there have been a huge number of enhancements, including numerous features the Nuvolo team has requested. PlatCore continues to provide Nuvolo fuel for their continued, impressive growth.

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Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
January 15, 2020