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Case Study: New Zealand's Agile Government LMS

New Zealand Parliament needed an LMS with the flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of their organisation. But they also need a solution fast, and one that they could roll out to their team, partner organisations and the Members of Parliament.

PlatCore LMS provided a solution that was:

  • Flexible -  Customize the look and features of their LMS to show pride in the 'Te Aka Matua"
  • One Location - Centralized learning brings 120 electoral sites, and a wide variety of departments and roles together
  • Easy to Use - Quickly launching a simple user experience for creating and sharing content across multiple agencies.

Ultimately, PlatCore's success created an even more interesting challenge. This system excited employees so much that they needed to scale faster and find a way to bring everyone on board ahead of schedule.

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Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
January 11, 2023