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Case Study: Integrated ServiceNow LMS for E-commerce

Incredible results come from incredible teams. While the average time to launch an enterprise LMS is over 6 months, the team at this leading e-commerce company was able to go live with an innovative solution in just under one month. 

Learn how PlatCore LMS, built on ServiceNow, helped deliver integrated learning inside their existing ServiceNow systems, including:

  • One connected LMS that serves  Customers and Employees
    Learn how they seamlessly connected PlatCore LMS to ServiceNow Support, Knowledge and Success center to serve multiple audiences.

  • Building Flexible Portal Pages and Workflows
    Leveraging the flexibility and power of flow designer and PlatCore's portal pages, this company modified the LMS to meet their unique needs.

  • Dynamic Onboarding
    Increase learner adoption and growth by automating customized training.

“PlatCore LMS offers an integrated learning solution that’s game-changing.”
- Director of Global Support


Integrated LMS Screenshots (1)


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
November 8, 2022