Show LMS Training Records in Incident Management Application

A key challenge most support staffs face is limited awareness of a caller requesting any type of service. I believe it would be beneficial to provide as much information at the moment of interaction as possible to allow the support rep to better tailor service to the caller.

One of the useful benefits of the PlatCore Learning Management System (LMS) is the ability to integrate with other parts of ServiceNow and display training records in other ServiceNow applications. A simple use case is to have training records presented on an Incident form accessed by the service desk team, so we can see what training and education was completed by a caller. This is VERY simple to configure as all data is in the ServiceNow platform in 3 easy steps. This is a simple configuration, but a user with administrative rights will need to do the steps below.

1 – Create relationship of LMS achievements and incident tables (Go to Left Hand Navigation: System Definition -> Relationships, Select New)

Configure your relationship as shown.

Relationship Definition

2 – Add related list

Go to the Incident form and configure Related Lists. Add the “Achievement Reference” relationship in the slush bucket.

Incident Related List Configuration

3 – Configure your Related List Column order and View Learning Achievements on the Incident form related lists.

Incident Achievement List

The end result will look something like this…

Incident Overview

This same technique can work in nearly any ServiceNow application you’d like to show training achievements! Tell us what you think. Is this helpful? Have you found other use cases? We’d love to hear from you.

Jon Becker
CTO, PlatCore