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EVENT: Introducing PlatCore LMS 3.6

At this event, Jon Becker, PlatCore CEO and Founder presents the details of PlatCore LMS 3.6-  the latest upgrade to the world’s most secure, flexible, and powerful Learning Management System.

PlatCore LMS 3.6 adds Individual Development Plans (IDPs), ServiceNow widgets, and improved manager and player pages - all designed to enhance the learning experience, streamline management, and boost overall business efficiency.

This 45min event includes:

  • The Benefits of a Native ServiceNow LMS
  • About PlatCore LMS 3.6
  • 15min Product Demo – including a preview of the new features
  • Q&A

Whether you are a learning professional, a ServiceNow Admin, or an executive, this webinar will provide valuable insights into maximizing your LMS’s potential and driving business efficiency.

Watch the on-demand event now!




Jon Becker, CEO and Founder

PlatCore's innovative CEO and Founder, Jon excels in pioneering solutions, leading critical initiatives, and transforming executive vision into business results.


garrett button profile

Garrett Button, Customer Solutions Specialist

An accomplished solutions specialist, Garrett is skilled at crafting innovative technical solutions and dedicated to providing exceptional customer support.


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
June 10, 2024