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Introducing PlatCore LMS 3.6

Discover the new features (IDPs, widgets, dashboards, and more) that enhance learning and boost growth. 

We are thrilled to introduce the upcoming release of PlatCore LMS 3.6, the latest upgrade to the world’s most secure, flexible, and powerful Learning Management System. PlatCore LMS 3.6 is designed to enhance the learning experience, streamline management, and boost overall business efficiency.

To learn more, join us on June 27 to learn about this exciting release from PlatCore's CEO and Founder, Jon Becker. 


Individual Development Plans

One of the standout features of PlatCore 3.6 is the introduction of Individual Development Plans (IDPs), which enable managers to create personalized training pathways tailored to each employee's unique needs and career goals.

20240606 PlatCore LMS 3.5 IDP (1)

Designed with flexibility, PlatCore's IDPs let you select any manager, assign various content and courses, set progressive due dates, and more. This feature enhances the ability to manage learning throughout the employee or customer lifecycle.

Personalized learning through IDPs helps to increase engagement and retention, and targeted skill development can drive organizational growth, making this tool valuable for businesses of all sizes and industries.


ServiceNow Learning Widgets

PlatCore LMS 3.6's new widgets allow you to embed training into any ServiceNow portal page. The Employee Service Center and Customer Service Management widgets make it easier for learners to find training materials and resources, connecting learning to their daily work. 

Embedded widgets give real-time requirements or suggestions to learners - to ensure training completion, or encourage more engagement. Widgets show real-time badges, required, new or coming training and more!


20240606 PlatCore LMS 3.5 widgets


For ServiceNow Admins, these widgets offer a deeper ServiceNow integration with easy customization and deployment, while learning professionals will appreciate the improved LMS adoption and training completion. By embedding training into daily workflows, widgets aim to enhance compliance, productivity, and overall efficiency through seamless integration and easy access to learning resources.


Manager and Player Page Improvements

PlatCore LMS 3.6 focuses on improving usability and adoption with enhancements to the manager portal and player pages. The expanded course player improves the learning experience, especially for mobile users, making training more accessible and engaging.

Updates to the manager portal allow managers to oversee their team's progress, assign courses, and track development without entering the backend of the LMS. This streamlined access increases manager efficiency and eases the burden on learning teams.

Overall, these enhancements ensure a smoother, more effective training experience and greater LMS adoption across the organization.



PlatCore LMS 3.6 introduces key features that significantly enhance the LMS experience for ServiceNow customers. These include;

  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to offer tailored training paths, improving employee engagement and retention.
  • New widgets that seamlessly integrate training into daily workflows, enhancing accessibility and productivity.
  • Manager and player page improvements that streamline access to training data and improve the learning experience.

These enhancements deliver a smoother, more effective training experience, driving greater LMS adoption and empowering organizational success.


Want to learn more? Join us on June 27th to see PlatCore LMS 3.6 in action. Learn how Native LMS can help empower your workforce and elevate your organization’s learning experience.



Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
June 10, 2024