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SOAP BOX FRIDAY: Learning should be the focus, not your LMS

Learning should be the focus, not your LMS. 


Has your training been created with the learner in mind? The stories we hear from our customers is disgraceful. Learners are forced to take training to take training. Training is flash-based. Large, enterprise-grade systems require learners screenshot completion screens and email them to managers and admin to prove completion.


This is what we call LMS blocking and tackling – AKA you had ONE job!


The only ways these tools are getting used is because we are forcing learners to use them! In contrast, modern LMS tools (like PlatCore) provide an interface that requires no explanation. They allow you to search and take training anytime, anywhere. They can even provide LMS Admins a relief through easy to use systems and automation.


Your time is your greatest asset. We strongly believe you should accept nothing less for your employees (and we should mention it provides an amazing ROI).


PlatCore believes that life is too short for such nonsense. Are you ready to join us?