ServiceNow Store

Create Value Faster through the ServiceNow Store

Enter Our Hero!

Hero BobBob works in IT. He works 10+ hour days. His business partners (i.e. customers) generously provide him request after request. Bob is tired. He tries hard and yet can’t quite keep them happy. His customers want their stuff delivered, yesterday, and they blame Bob if he’s too slow. Bob is demoralized. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t quite stay ahead of the demand. Bob does have a nifty tool that is providing hope for the future!

Bob’s company was ahead of the game. They leverage the fantastic enterprise service management platform, ServiceNow. This helped Bob AND his company. Now Bob’s company can track work, automate repetitive tasks, and focus on high-value activities. Bob has even extended the platform to deliver custom business applications! This is delighting Bob’s customers. Bob even feels good some days when he heads for home.  Bob has begun to lead knowledge share sessions and even proactively tries to get his company to further adopt the platform and get even more value from ServiceNow!

There is a byproduct to this. Bob’s customers love ServiceNow and they see the power of the platform and want even more of it, faster!

Success Makes More Work. Rats!

Bob has helped get the business aligned with what ServiceNow can do. Our hero decreased the time it takes to gather requirements, helped his development shop quickly understand them, and code them fast. He helps his customers test and prepare to move new functionality into production. He even works with his customers to adopt the new changes. This is great but he is aware this entire process will generate a new round of requests and the cycle begins again. More work.

Bob knows he is helping his customers and they are beginning to love him! Bob is turning into the ServiceNow hero we knew he could be! What can Bob do to get value from his platform faster? Can he become even more loved? Will his boss promote him? Will his boss be promoted? (Editorial: Every Bob should make this a priority for their own success.)

There is one question haunting Bob causing him sleepless nights.

Is there a way to leverage work others have done? I can’t be alone in what we need!

Fortunately for Bob, ServiceNow has recently introduced the ServiceNow Store. Through the Store, technology partners produce applications that Bob can deliver to his customers with little or no configuration. ServiceNow even has a certification program to ensure only high-quality apps make it through the process. This makes Bob happy as he can deliver applications faster to his business partners with minimal impact to his development team. Bob is skeptical though.

The Myth: Can Software Delivery be Painless?

Bob is a veteran of IT. He has negotiated deals and done long complex software implementations. He has watched the transition to cloud computing and the Software-as-a-Service model change his industry and his job. If Bob is anything, he is an adapter. He knows IT and the digital transformation of companies will continue to evolve and if he wants to stay employed, he must evolve too. The demands and expectation on him are growing exponentially too. Is it really possible to deliver enterprise software solutions easily?

Bob would love to try a store application and see if the marketing hype matches reality. His company is looking for a way to track employee training for HR and Compliance and Bob is thinking a Learning Management System could help. Fortunately, a ServiceNow technology partner, PlatCore, has an LMS available with a free trial. Free is good, so Bob thought he’d give it a shot. What has he got to lose?

Prove It!

Bob wants to try the install and even captures the screen so he can show his boss! Cool!

Can it be that you can have enterprise level software in minutes from the ServiceNow Store?

Yep. It does depend on your technology partner though. The real value of the ServiceNow Store is getting enterprise-class software available today. This can eliminate hundreds of thousands of development dollars to get something out of the box and get to value quickly. The partner is even responsible for support and providing updates so Bob doesn’t have too. This makes Bob and his boss happy.

Happily Ever After

Hero BobWow! Bob can’t believe delivery is so easy! Months of development time has vanished. All he needs are great technology partners! Yet his boss isn’t so sure. What if I want to customize and match the software to my customer needs? What if they want a field or form changes? Can that be done? Yep, but Bob still wants to find out for himself.

Bob is confident the Store can save him time and he will be able to even further configure the tool to match his organization. He has seen how the PlatCore LMS enterprise software can work. Bob works with his boss to bring the trial to his business users and they love it! They even said how impressed they were with Bob’s boss and how smart he was for hiring Bob.

Bob gets to sleep well at night knowing he has another tool in his toolbox for delivering great ServiceNow products. Bob’s boss is promoted to CTO and gives Bob a big bonus. Bob’s clients are thrilled. And most importantly,

Bob’s company realizes more value, faster from their investment in ServiceNow!

Everybody wins and that’s a story we can all enjoy!