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3 Steps to Training Record Integration for ServiceNow!

Imagine This Typical Support Scenario:

A customer calls your service desk to report a problem… their e-mail isn’t opening. It could be anything from a full outage, to a PC problem, to a simple user error. The support agent will ask a series of questions to try to minimally triage the issue before raising any alarm bells. This scenario happens every day.

What if you had a bit more information to more quickly get to the root of the problem? Have you ever wished you knew how much someone requesting any type of help knew? Do you think that would help improve the level of service you can provide? Do you think it would reduce caller frustration if you can ask questions tailored to their knowledge? Do you think it could deflect additional calls if it could be handled more rapidly?

With ServiceNow coupled with the PlatCore LMS (Download free trial) and just a few small configurations (with NO code!!), you can dramatically change how your customers are served by knowing their training level. Integrate training records into lists displayed on the user information form will change your life (or Service Desk)!

A ServiceNow system administrator would need to make this change as it does require administrative rights. It should take about 5 minutes, if they stop to sip some coffee.


ServiceNow Configuration Steps:

Step 1: Configure the user profile form related list.

Related List Configuration

Step 2: Select Achievement->Assigned To from the slushbucket to display

List Slushbucket

Step 3: View the related list to see courses completed. Remember that security rules still apply and the viewing user would need to have access to the training records through the LMS user role. Of course, you should give all users this role so everyone can benefit from the LMS.

Achievement Related List


All done! Now, anywhere there is an icon linking to the user record, you can quickly access the user’s training records and can tailor your support with that knowledge.


This provides your support teams the best information at their finger tips, exactly when they need it… At the moment of interaction.

Stay tuned for later posts about integrated training data into other ServiceNow applications.