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eBook: Customer Training LMS Business Case

Customer training platforms are a force multiplier – saving millions of dollars a year, and potentially worth even more in customer growth & retention. This business case was a gift from…

eBook: The Ultimate LMS Implementation Project Toolkit

We’ve combined four individually published eBooks (with links to helpful tools) into this comprehensive

eBook: LMS Implementation Plan Template

We want your next LMS project to be a success. This is why we created a new version of our most popular download: the LMS Implementation Plan. Using your great feedback we have added…

eBook: LMS Business Case Template

Executives love numbers. This free download from the Ultimate LMS Tool Kit Series shows how to make the case for your next learning project. Our LMS Business Case Template helps you create…

eBook: Build your Employee Learning Metrics

One of the most powerful functions of any learning solution is the ability to use metrics to illustrate success. This ebook shows metrics that can ultimately determine the return on investment (ROI)

eBook: Building a Training Needs Analysis

If you are considering an LMS for your organization or questioning the performance of your current LMS, this step by step guide will help you navigate the process. We will show you how to evaluate…

EBOOK: 5 Reasons your LMS Should be on ServiceNow

The daily drain of menial tasks caused by most LMSs is just the beginning of the problems they bring. External silos are creating sprawl that your IT department can’t manage, data that your managers…

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