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DOWNLOAD: LMS Feature Comparison Chart

Evaluating LMSs or looking to make a change from your current Learning Management System? We can help find the LMS to meet your unique requirements.

Our LMS Feature Comparison helps you quickly evaluate the features of the top five Learning Management Systems.

Our LMS Feature Comparison Chart shows:

  • 140+ Features of the top five Learning Management Systems
  • Entry-level pricing, pricing models
  • Ease of use & accessibility for learners
  • Back-end functionality & reporting for administrators


Download the chart to learn how our features match up to the competition. But, don't be fooled, PlatCore LMS is more than your typical Learning Management System. 

Learn how PlatCore's Native ServiceNow application is the world's most secure, flexible, and powerful LMS. 


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
November 4, 2022