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eBook: Building a Training Needs Analysis

Your LMS journey starts here . . .

If you are considering an LMS for your organization or questioning the performance of your current LMS, this step-by-step guide will help you navigate the process. We will show you how to evaluate your needs with useful tools that ensure you get a solution that fits your requirements.

  • Top Considerations When Selecting an LMS
    It can be overwhelming to decipher your essential LMS features and functionality. We walk you through thirteen of the most important considerations for any LMS solution.

  • Build an LMS Comparison to Track Your Requirements
    To simplify the comparison process, we have provided comparison tables can assist in determining what is mandatory, or desirable (but not critical) for your organization, along with those that are not needed.

Your download provides access to the following assets to help you along the way:


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Post by Maree Jackson
October 26, 2020