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eBook: Making the Case for an LMS

Once you have made the case for learning in your company, what is the next step? Learning systems, like a Learning Management System (LMS) help scale and track the impact of that learning.

So, what is the importance of an LMS and how do you make the case for learning technology? The next eBook in our series, Making the Case for an LMS, dives into how the LMS contributes to critical business outcomes.

A few of the topics it covers include:

  • Top 6 Benefits of an LMS No new initiative takes hold in today's business climate without offering tangible (and measurable) benefits.
  • How to Calculate a ROI Learn how to determine your new training platform's true cost (and savings) beyond the sticker price of implementing an LMS.


We offer stats and tips to show the value of your learning program - so that you can gain the resources you need to grow your program and impact.


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
January 31, 2023