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eBook: Making the Case for a Native LMS

In the third part of this three-part series, we dive into the power of being the ONLY LMS built on ServiceNow. Previous ebooks included how to make the case for learning - followed by making the case for learning technology. Finally, we step beyond the basics to show you that not all Learning Management Systems are created equal!

Every year we see surveys that show how many companies are (continually) dissatisfied with their LMS. Every year, experts poll customers on why they are so dissatisfied with their LMS - and it seems the current MUST-HAVE feature is integrations.

Inetgrations are more important than ever. But more than integrations are needed - the LMS needs to work within our businesses.

As we attempt to integrate learning into the flow of work, to make it a seamless part of how we do business, we find the limits of most learning software very quickly. This final version of our ebook series, Making the Case for a Native LMS, shares how to break these silos to create synergies that are superior to any integration.

We will show you how native learning can improve learning data and user experiences - in order to deeply facilitate growth and learning.

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Making the Case for a Native LMS
Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
May 30, 2023