3 Reasons to Consolidate Systems with ServiceNow Apps

3 Reasons to Consolidate Systems with ServiceNow Apps

We are passionate about serving our customers. In our conversations with them, several themes continue to come up as to why they are simplifying systems and processes. There are some powerful reasons they value putting Apps (such as PlatCore’s Learning Management) on the Now Platform. We wanted to share 3 of the most common:


 1. Known System for IT, Admin and Users


IT departments are incredibly knowledgeable – and often devoted fans of your current platforms. They can help support, as well as being advocates, for extending your current platform. What could be better than IT having your back? You gain technical resources to help your project – rather than creating yet another silo.


The ServiceNow platform was originally designed for IT help desk ticketing.  Extending the Now platform to other applications, such as:

…which helps your IT department’s ability to maintain your systems internally. Ultimately, this means your company reduces dependency on external vendors, integrations and customizations.


With a lower upfront cost, apps can also offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)! ROI win!


Additionally, your current systems have (hopefully) already been proven secure, so applications on these platforms get an easy security green light. Extending those platforms reduces the risk of additional vulnerabilities.  The last point may be the most salient: no additional passwords or logins for users. Your utilization just skyrocketed. Staff training lessened. Happiness increased.


Yes, another win, this time for your time to value!


2.Intelligent Apps & The Power of the Now Platform


The success of ServiceNow (Forbes Most Innovative Company of 2018, the ’fastest-growing’ software company, and 5-year leader in the Gartner ITSM Magic Quadrant) has (literally) been built on the Now PlatformTM. Used by nearly 800 of the Forbes Global 2000 companies, the Now PlatformTM began with ITSM and now allows customers to rapidly address a broad range of business challenges.


Here at PlatCore, the Now PlatformTM allows us to leverage our existing infrastructure and code to greatly accelerate product releases.  With our current product updates averaging about once a quarter, we quickly deliver the product enhancements that matter most to our customers. We also find ServiceNow customers are confident in their platform. This means they are willing to invest and build on increasing its capabilities. In addition, ServiceNow apps are rigorously tested and certified to work on your environment, greatly reducing your risk.


We also have the benefit of a no/low-code, easy development environment. Both users and developers have access to an amazing number of resources including a passionate developer community, source-code repositories and more.


From ServiceNow’s Now Platform Reference Guide:

Unlike other development platforms, the Now Platform uses a single data model and integrates easily with other enterprise systems. It’s specifically designed for rapid development with features such as:

  • No/Low code development – Business operations analysts and other non-technical staff can use the Now Platform’s drag-and-drop UI to automate tasks and simple processes, so IT can focus on more complex development work.
  • ServiceNow Intelligent Business Apps – The Now Platform’s Intelligent Automation Engine combines machine learning with automated actions to make automating even complex processes and workflows faster and easier.
  • No proprietary coding languages required – When coding is necessary, the Now Platform allows developers to use industry-standard web languages, such as HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular.
  • Mobile-first approach – The Now Platform automatically allows any application to work on mobile devices with responsive design. Every solution you build through the Now Platform will deliver an excellent experience on both desktops and mobile devices (i.e., “write once, run everywhere.”)
  • IT governance and control – With delegated development and application scoping, the Now Platform allows IT to empower business users to safely and easily create their own applications without impacting other ServiceNow applications.


This comprehensive development environment allows you to rapidly build, test, and deploy applications. Download the Now Platform Reference Guide. Before embarking on a custom app development project, be sure to check what’s available in the ServiceNow Store, the exact solution you need may already exist!


3. Central Location to Track Training & Certifications


The Now PlatformTM lets you quickly automate tasks and workflows to streamline important business processes. Because of this, ServiceNow is successful at addressing a wide range of business challenges. In addition, it’s a hub for mission-critical data. Using Learning Management as an example (it’s what we know best) here are some of the benefits that an LMS built in ServiceNow provides:


Using PlatCore’s Learning Management, you can instantly provide (or remove) employee access to training. You can then automate training assignments. From SOX, HIPPA, PCI, SOC, to HR onboarding, you can automate any training for an improved employee experience. Set notifications, reminders, due dates, and let your system run on autopilot. In addition, audit compliance becomes as easy as “point, click and print.”

(Read the full story: Novelis: Modernizing a Learning Management System to Save Lives (Really!)


As all training data tracks to a central location, managers get real-time tracking of training status. You can act on this data, such as using training completions to provision software or access a group.  A game-changer for many HR departments, you can then view training history on the employee record.

(Read the full story: Beck’s Desperately Seeking an LMS on ServiceNow)


We hope you get the idea of how extending the ServiceNow Platform can provide great efficiencies for your company. As a central hub, this platform consolidation means you stop maintaining courses and tracking data between disparate systems. As the central location for serving employees, it allows our customers to simplify both their systems and processes.


In Short


A known platform for IT provides the support you may need for your project and facilitates adoption across the enterprise. The power of the Now Platform provides a rapid development environment that can accelerate your business systems – and mitigate your risk. Lastly, as the central location for your data, applications built in ServiceNow provide huge possibilities for simplification of your system and processes.


ServiceNow customers have driven the demand for products like ours and the other ServiceNow apps. We are excited to be meeting their needs and to hear, and share, why these innovations are critical to how work can work better for people.