Lauren Alweis

PlatCore welcomes Lauren Alweis to the Team

Lauren Alweis

Lauren AlweisPlatCore LLC is proud to welcome Lauren Alweis to the team as Director, Marketing. She will focus on marketing strategy, content marketing, partner relationship management, and driving awareness across PlatCore’s product lines.

Lauren brings nearly 12 years marketing experience, and over 6 years in B2B Technologies, driven by the belief that great products deserve greater visibility. Fun-loving and creative, you can find her either in the high alpine or geeking out at a local Boulder coffee shop.

Founder and CTO Jon Becker commented:

“Lauren brings creativity, positive energy, and ability to simplify complex ideas to their core essence. She has a contagious approach to work, loves to collaborate, and will make our entire team better. Lauren is a fantastic addition to our team and I am thrilled she chose to join us.”

If you would like to know more about Lauren, she can be found on LinkedIn.