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Happy Birthday, PlatCore!

I am amazed at how fast time flies by! This marks an important milestone for PlatCore. Oct 7, 2016, PlatCore was born and threw us into a new adventure in software development and an exciting partnership with ServiceNow.

The PlatCore story is likely not much different than many successful startups. We worked tirelessly to stand up the company. We ignored our friends and spouses as we developed our first product. (I’m sorry about this one – not the development just the ignoring.) We made lasting partnerships to help us deliver more than a little scrappy startup could on our own. The friendships developed through our association with ServiceNow, the partner community, and customers are blossoming. It has been a remarkable year one and we’ve had more good luck than we deserve. (Of course, we make our own luck too.)

Without getting too sentimental, we could not have accomplished what we did in one year without help from lots of people especially my team, Dawn and Lauren, who are passionate about our business, our customers, and how we help make their businesses better.

The Company we keep

A lot can be said about the company you keep. Our legal team, Davis, Graham, and Stubbs helped us start up right, will be great growth partners, and will help navigate a really complex business landscape. I really like our legal team! My accountant and friend Cindy Squires at Mile High Books keeps us on the accounting straight and narrow and will become an increasingly important partner of PlatCore.

Our other partners help our product get better constantly. Team2 and Keenan Phelan helped us drive our Learning Management System to done. They will be super successful in their own right as a ServiceNow partner too. Gamma Partners has really helped refine the user experience which will make a big impact in client adoption. TJ of ClearSkye and CreatorCon finalist helped test our product installation and then proceeded to do a great write-up. In short, we’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded with a great extended team.

Of course, I can’t forget ServiceNow. From getting feedback from the product teams, working with Martin Barclay and the marketing team, my partner manager, Sydney Lai, technical guru Brad Tilton, and many many others, this has been one of the most fun companies I’ve ever worked with!

In short, PlatCore is the sum of lots of peoples’ talents, input, and interest. While we’ve worked hard, there is lots of credit to go around. I try to remember this often. And yes, pay it forward when we can.

The Next Year?

It’s hard to imagine how the next year will top the first. There is one thing that is certain. There will be challenges, opportunities, disappointments, excitement, and plenty of hard work. While I don’t know exactly what’s next, I invite you to join us. Follow us on LinkedIn. Keep in touch. This is going to be fun!