PlatCore LMS Announcement: Version 1.4

PlatCore LLC continues to innovate, drive value, and listen to our customers! We are proud to release version 1.4.4 of our Learning Management System (LMS), now available in the ServiceNow app store.

The PlatCore LMS, coupled with Now Platform® will:

  1. Simplify compliance audits of regulatory required training, driving cost reductions.
  2. Assign, deliver, and track courses for your organization quickly and efficiently.
  3. Enhance customer service by providing a complete view of employee training records integrated with your support systems.
  4. Reduce implementation time by leveraging tools you already know and use.

The LMS, built specifically for ServiceNow, enables tight data integration with other ServiceNow modules such as HR and GRC, or it can be a completely standalone application. HR and GRC module integration reduces the overall effort and cost of tracking and deliver required training for your business.  This LMS application delivers custom content such as videos, knowledge base articles, SharePoint content, PDFs, quizzes, and more.

The PlatCore LMS enhancements include:

  • Instructor Led Training Management: Manage your instructor led training course events. Assign course events to students, support self-registration through the learner portal, and enable wait lists. Track course attendance and completion in a learning system or record.
  • New Content Types: Now your course content types are limitless. Maximize value of content you’ve already developed. Track content such as SharePoint docs, Google docs, VIMEO, and more.
  • Certification Tracking: Understand what certifications employees hold, know when they expire, and automatically send advanced expiration notifications helping employees maintain certifications.
  • Learner Portal Enhancements: Use course categories for improved course catalog navigation, present more beautiful course descriptions, or search the catalog directly from menu.
  • And more…

Of course, we still support SCORM, e-delivery, reporting, approvals, notifications, and other features you need from your LMS.

Installing the PlatCore LMS is seamless on the Now Platform. You will be up and running in under one hour, reducing the burden on your ServiceNow administrator. No other LMS product can match this experience. It is easy to start on your own, or let our customer success team guide you through on-boarding, ensuring your success and organizational adoption of the LMS.

Take advantage of our free trial in your ServiceNow environment and see for yourself. We invite you to install the full-featured trial and see how easy it is to deliver training through the PlatCore LMS powered by the Now Platform.