Automate Your Employee Training

We all want meaningful work. 

According to a recent ServiceNow survey, more employees want work that feels important and impactful (61%) than want a raise (34%).  The same survey finds that 40 percent of worker time is spent on menial tasks that have no direct impact on core job goals. (ServiceNow , 2018) That translates into poor company productivity and frustrating experiences for employees. It’s no wonder that 42 million, or one in four, employees left their jobs last year, costing U.S. companies more than $600 billion. (Work Institute, 2018)


In short, redundant, menial tasks are making your staff unhappy – what’s worse – they are also inefficient, prone to error, and create inconsistent outcomes. Putting this repetitive, never-ending work on autopilot can improve the employee experience – and your bottom-line.


In fact, we are seeing an ever-evolving and growing workforce that leverages work people naturally excel at:


The mix of employee work is changing to be less repetitive and more judgment-intensive. Workforce changes are creating new and more exciting jobs, rather than merely eliminating positions. In fact, through July 2018, manufacturing jobs over the past year grew at the fastest pace since 1995…(Forbes)


These repetitive, menial tasks are ripe for disruption. At PlatCore, we are focused on simplifying employee training. Training is a part of every important leap your employees will make and is essential in ensuring they are adequately prepared. We can help reduce menial tasks and ensure training takes place consistently. This allows training to take place in the flow of the employee life-cycle, whether for on-boarding, upskilling, or annual security awareness, HIPAA, or privacy training.

Automate Employee Training: Stories from our Customers

Wondering how to get started automating your training processes? Here are a few examples of innovations our customers have made to reduce menial, manual processes:


We would love to show you how we have seen training automation improve the employee experience – and increase efficiency.


PlatCore’s latest release is innovating and automating employee training using the Now Platform, click here to learn more:

Automate Employee Training