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Flipping the Script on Role Assignment

Our 'Built on Now' Series highlights exciting customer innovations that are Built on the Now Platform. A native Learning Management System, PlatCore delivers your training 'Built on Now', and our customers are further extending the Now Platform to meet exciting new use cases.

Today, we are highlighting a simple, and technically trivial, new take on training roles. To begin, PlatCore has eight unique roles that each provide access to specific LMS functionality (click here to learn more about ServiceNow roles)

When a role is granted, the system has been set up to automatically assign needed training. The training walks them through how to use the LMS functionality they have been granted. For example, when a “Content Creator” role is given, that user is sent a course on how to create training. Anyone with a “trainer” role receives training on how to manage training events, etc. (yes, we know, it’s very meta).


ServiceNow LMS Built on Now

Today, we highlight a customer that has turned this on its head and has executed a new methodology. They asked:

What if we required everyone working in the LMS to complete training before gaining access? Wouldn’t they be better prepared? Might this help avoid future problems (and/or questions)?

In response, they created a form to request an LMS role. This form notifies them of submissions so that they can review requests and assign the required training. Successful completion of the training automatically gives the individual the requested LMS role.


This change is helpful, it may lead to cleaner training data or fewer issues. But it also got them thinking…

How can we prepare people for safety hazards? How can we guarantee they know how to use delicate equipment? What are our liabilities around access to restricted areas?

So after setting requirements around LMS roles, they began considering putting training requirements on roles outside of the Learning Management System:

  • IT and ServiceNow role
  • Key card access to restricted areas
  • Membership in departmental groups
  • Training incentives

Other customers have followed suit, using training to ensure onboarding requirements are met. Truth be told, with training completion simply kicking off a workflow, your imagination is the only limitation. This workflow has the potential to increase adoption and automate critical access, safety, or compliance.

Think of what it could do for software implementation -help learners prepare for the role they are taking on before they have the opportunity to create problems.


Would your company build this workflow - what's your default?

[ ] TRUST: Provide training alongside access

[ ] PROOF: Require training to gain access


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
March 24, 2020