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WEBINAR: Deliver Training for the Hybrid Workplace

How training can help meet the changing needs of your workforce

ServiceNow hosts our most successful webinar to date on the increasingly remote and hybrid workforce. This hybrid workplace has created a new set of needs for employees - those returning to the workforce, returning to the workplace, or the happily remote.



We show how native learning enables this transformation, including:

  • The needs of the new hybrid workplace
  • Examples of training to support the new workplace - and workforce
  • How to embed learning in HR Service Delivery, Safe Workplace Apps, and Customer Service Management

We hope you enjoy this informative presentation on how training supports a safer workplace – & a more productive workforce.


Jon Becker, Founder & CEOJon brings 25+ years of experience in operations, product, & technology including 7+ years on the ServiceNow Platform.



Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
November 9, 2020