Now Available: PlatCore LMS 2.4

PlatCore’s latest version is absolutely packed with great new functionality. And as always, we are leveraging ServiceNow functionality to make new strides in streamlining your learning processes.

  • PlatCore LMS 2.3 allowed you to automate training assignment – creating workflows around dynamic to recurring assignments, skills, and certifications.
  • PlatCore 2.4 adds version control, which locks down course content to improve accountability and audit compliance. With Gradebooks, you have the ability to grade learner submissions. We have also added a number of new supported media types.

Business as usual for PlatCore, these features are primarily driven by our customers. If you are already a PlatCore customer, the new will be available in the coming days, so please let our team know if you have questions or need assistance. If you are not a PlatCore customer, what are you waiting for?


Keep reading for more on the big new features in PlatCore 2.4, or watch our on-demand live demo.


New York Version Support

We are excited to announce ServiceNow New York version support while remaining compatible with Madrid and London versions. We now align our releases more closely with the ServiceNow release calendar making upgrades easier and more predictable for our customers.


Course Version Control

When issuing compliance training, it is critical to know the details of each course completion. PlatCore’s latest release provides Course Version Control. Content created under Version Control will go through a Draft, Review, Publish and Retire workflow. This allows administrators and content approvers to lock down published course content to ensure you can report the exact details of any user completion. Once a Version Control Course is published, you can easily create a new course version, while still maintaining your audit trail.



PlatCore has added Gradebooks to its list of new features. This exciting feature set allows you to utilize interactive questions and responses inside courses. From a code pop-quiz to reciting an important safety protocol, this gives the course creator limitless options. Select activities or checklists for your learners to complete, then select the users that will assist with grading.


Content Uploads + Microsoft Doc Support

PlatCore’s Course Builder provides an easy to use interface to help you create and import course content. Now, PlatCore 2.4 supports even more content types, making it even easier to upload a wider variety of course materials. Three additional video types are supported, as well as nine types of VR video. Native support for Microsoft Office Docs allows you to attach Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF Documents. Lastly, you can now directly upload content to servers from the course builder & sections, streamlining your course building experience.


If you would like to see our new release, please visit the ServiceNow Store – or click below to watch our live demo!