PlatCore Learning Management 2.3

PRODUCT RELEASE: Announcing PlatCore 2.3

Welcome to our best release yet!


Yes, we know we say this every time, but this time we mean it. Below are just a few reasons we are so excited about PlatCore 2.3. But there is so much more that we can’t wait to show you.


To learn more watch our recent webinar, or schedule a personalized demo to see the PlatCore LMS for yourself. NOTE: These great features are now available on the ServiceNow Store to all PlatCore customers (in fact they were created just for you). As always, they are FREE if you’re already on the platform. (If you’re not already on the LMS, what are you waiting for!?)


Automated Assignments


Three powerful features have been added to course assignments, making training automation even easier. Changes in employee profiles can trigger training, from HR onboarding, new manager training, employee relocations, to annual HIPAA compliance.

You can specify the course, learner and schedule for any training to recur. Lastly, new assignment conditions let you select employee data (think AND/OR conditions on a title, location, manager, department, roles, and more) to pinpoint exactly the group of learners needed.

Automate Training ServiceNow


  • Dynamic Assignments: assign courses based on new or updated employee information.
  • Recurring Assignments: set courses to expire and automatically assign re-certification courses.
  • Assignment Conditions: select the exact group you need for your assignments, for example, HR managers that live in Mongolia named Anne.





PlatCore breaks down the typical LMS silo, making data accessible throughout the enterprise. This release takes you one step further with 30+ out-of-the-box report so you can glean new insights on your training data. Drag and drop these reports onto your dashboard so you can easily drill into details you need on a daily basis.


New Roles


We now offer five LMS admin roles: LMS Admin, LMS Manager, LMS Content, LMS Trainer, and LMS User. In addition to extensive documentation, each has a customized dashboard and training course, so your team can get up and running even faster!


Level Up


Using PlatCore, you can easily give and track certifications based on course completion. This unlocks a world of possibilities, and could literally unlock doors, for example, consider a safety training that triggers access to a manufacturing plant.

We have also added the creation of ServiceNow skills. This means that a course that assesses a fluent Spanish speaker could create a ServiceNow skill, allowing a call center to route them calls with Spanish Speakers. No manual intervention needed – skip the emails, hours of work or days of waiting.

  • Skills: Automatically assign skills you have set up in the ServiceNow Skills module.
  • Certifications: New parent-child certifications allow you to automatically grant a parent certification. You can set certifications to expire and automatically assign re-certification courses.


Oh yeah, and Madrid…


PlatCore 2.3 adds Madrid to support the latest 3 ServiceNow releases (London, Kingston, & Madrid). We also have made some handy updates to the following:

  • Streamlined user flow for learner dashboard and portal
  • Import xAPI, cmi5, and AICC player support added in addition to SCORM 1.2/2004
  • Minor bug fixes


We are honored that our customers help drive our roadmap, and are excited to build features that matter to you. Our latest 2.3 release is available now on the ServiceNow store. We can’t wait to get in into your hands.


Want to see the new release for yourself?  Watch our recent demo:


PlatCore LMS on ServiceNow Video



Or contact our sales team to schedule a personalized demo today!