The only Learning Management System built in ServiceNow now with expanded drag & drop features, LMS training courses and more!

PRODUCT RELEASE: PlatCore 2.1 – Exciting New Functionality & Training

The PlatCore team is very excited for our 2.1 release of our award winning LMS built in ServiceNow. We’ve been working hard to refine the big features rolled-out in 2.0, as well as extending that new functionality across the LMS. Here are just a few great features that are now available to all PlatCore customers – for FREE if you’re already on the platform. (If you’re not already on the LMS, what are you waiting for!?)


Drag and Drop… Quizzes and Learning Plans

The intuitive drag and drop course builder has been extended to quiz creation and learning plans.



PlatCore Training and Documentation

Get up to speed on your LMS faster! The new PlatCore training is available anytime, anywhere.

The learner support page teaches users the basics of taking courses. For admins, the new PlatCore Training course comes complete with 15 short video trainings and 30 Knowledge Base Articles covering everything from course creation to reporting.

Assign the PlatCore Training course to any user to get them up to speed on how to use the LMS, or use the Knowledge Base Articles documentation to reference what you need, when you need it.



Video Transcripts

PlatCore’s video transcripts now come with a WYSIWYG editor. This allows you to freely format text, as well as add links or needed reference materials. Here on our “Assign a Course” training video, we have provided the training steps so that users can quickly scan the video content.


PlatCore LMS for ServiceNow - New Features


Improved Quiz Security

Along with other exciting quiz enhancements, we have increased quiz security. This fundamental shift in the way that quizzes are processed means better security, and lays the foundation for upcoming enhancements including question randomization, weighted quiz difficulty, additional question types, etc.


And more…

  • Learner interface available in multiple languages / multi-byte characters supported
  • New notification for courses that are in progress
  • Cancel confirmation added when canceling assignments
  • Admin documentation available directly in your instance
  • … and even more usability, mobility, and calendaring enhancements…


Our latest 2.1 release is available now on the ServiceNow store. We can’t wait to get in into your hands.