PRODUCT RELEASE: PlatCore LMS 1.5 – Kingston Support AND More

PlatCore LLC doesn’t rest. Ever. We continue to innovate, drive value, and listen to our customers! We are excited to release version 1.5 of our Learning Management System (LMS), now certified on the ServiceNow app store.

We listened to our customers! With version 1.5, PlatCore delivers more value with Kingston support, languages, and certification management. Oh, I should probably mention new releases are include with your application subscription if you already are a client. (If you’re not, what are you waiting for?)

Kingston Certification

Language support
Language support

Our commitment to our clients is always to support the current release and most recent two so we now support Istanbul, Jakarta, and Kingston with this latest release.

Learner Portal Language Support

Languages are critical to any LMS. Most importantly, supporting those languages are critical to your learners. We started with Spanish but we will be including many more into the product soon. But there is a secret. You can support any language right now as we provide a translation spreadsheet for upload into the Now Platform. There are NO code modifications. Upload your uncommon dialect and you can do something uncommon in any industry… Make your users love you (in their own language). And of course, we’ll be there with the common languages so you don’t have to worry about those.

New Learning Object Type – Vimeo

Vimeo learning object type
Vimeo learning object type

Want to host training content on Vimeo including full-screen modes? We listened and now you can.

Certification Tracking

Employees can now self-report what certifications they hold, when they expire, etc. They can even upload a pdf, jpg, or png version of their paper certificate as proof, all stored on the learning system of record… your Now Platform.

And more…

Certification management
Certification management

Find some usability enhancements, bug fixes (yes we have them, but we own up to and FIX them), and a few surprises to delight your users.

Of course, we still support e-delivery, reporting, approvals, notifications, and other features you need from your LMS.

We would love to be able to rest; however, Knowledge18 is just around the corner and we are preparing to WOW our customers at the show, so we are already underway with some nifty new tricks. What those tricks are will need to remain a mystery but it will be worth the wait. We’d love to welcome you to the PlatCore party so check us out and see how we can help you, your teams, and your organization.

Installing the PlatCore LMS is seamless on the Now Platform. You will be up and running in under one hour, reducing the burden on your ServiceNow administrator. No other LMS product can match this experience. It is easy to start on your own, or let our customer success team guide you through on-boarding, ensuring your success and organizational adoption of the LMS.

Take advantage of our free trial in your ServiceNow environment and see for yourself. We invite you to install the full-featured trial and see how easy it is to deliver training through the PlatCore LMS powered by the Now Platform.