Learning Management System Features

2024 Learning Management System Features

Are you evaluating Learning Management System features or looking to make a change from your current LMS? Here are some resources to help you on your journey.

Start by Developing Requirements

Your first step should be to determine the purpose and scope of your learning needs. Before moving forward, we highly suggest checking out this incredibly helpful (and free) toolkit that will walk you through the process.

Comparing Learning Management System Features

Once you have your requirements, you will find there are thousands of choices of LMSs. Getting started can be overwhelming!

Most websites charge vendors to appear in their ranking, dramatically skewing the results. So, we wanted to share the following unbiased sources. Because these listings are free, there is a wide breadth of detailed information that can help you compare common requirements.

1. Elearning Directory:
With a massive amount of data on Learning Management Systems, ELearning’s Directory allows you to do a side-by-side feature comparison of up to three solutions. All of this data is provided and updated by vendors, so accuracy (and interpretation) may vary.

2. Find an LMS:
The brainchild of industry veteran Craig Weiss, Find an LMS continues to grow as a great tool that helps you compare industry solutions. He has created an extensive library of valuable content for L & D Professionals.

3. Talented Learning Directory:
From a rich career in Edtech, the (truly talented) Jon Leh evaluates each vendor to create great summaries and content. More than vendor-supported feature lists, these comprehensive summaries provide helpful context.

2024 Learning Management System Features

If you are still overwhelmed, you are in good company. Built from our experience helping customers find the right LMS for their unique needs, each year, our team puts together a comparison of the top LMS features.

Learn what top features are being requested – and what we think next year will bring. This LMS Feature Comparison aims to help you quickly evaluate the features of the top five Learning Management Systems.

But – a word of caution…

A fully featured LMS, we compete head-to-head on features. But as a Native ServiceNow LMS, PlatCore is a bit different. Built on your existing software provides power, flexibility, and efficiency that cannot be matched by other Learning Management Systems. Our team would love to show you how that drives value for our customers.

Download the Comparison Doc Now:

Learning Management System Features

Your download includes an LMS feature comparison in both pdf and excel for easy modification.


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