Deliver VR training from the Now Platform

VR Training Delivered from ServiceNow

Did you know you will soon be able to deliver Virtual Reality training, right from the Now Platform?
PlatCore is excited to announce the upcoming release of Virtual Reality Training – Delivered right from the Now Platform! Built-in ServiceNow, PlatCore leverages your current data and processes to put your employee training on autopilot.
While we just announced a feature-rich new release, our dev team is still hard at work perfecting new VR features to showcase at Knowledge. But first, why use Virtual Reality for training?
VR is an amazingly effective way to retain learning. It also provides realistic simulations that help employees train for the most dangerous and demanding situations (for example, Walmart’s Black Friday, Verizon’s active shooter, UPS truck drivers or for recruitment with General Mills). But the celebrated adoption of VR by some of the world’s largest companies is just the start to the excitement to come. PlatCore’s new VR functionality allows a wider audience to easily take advantage of this dynamic training technique.
Want to learn more? Visit us at Knowledge to see how VR is very much within reach –  and even deliverable from the Now Platform.
  • Stop by Booth 325 and grab one of our Oculus Go.
  • Choose your VR experience. We will give you a guided tour through our PlatCore office, take a much-needed break with a 2 min guided meditation (generously provided by Cubicle Ninja), or even float through the space station.
  • Enter to win your own Oculus Go!

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