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PlatCore Debuts the First Learning Management System Built On The ServiceNow Platform

PlatCore LLC is excited to announce the launch of our first application, a Learning Management System (LMS), now available in the ServiceNow app store.


This LMS, coupled with ServiceNow tools will:

  1. Simplify compliance audits of regulatory training controls, delivering cost reductions.
  2. Assign, deliver, and track courses for your organization quickly and efficiently.
  3. Enhance customer service by providing a complete view of employee training records integrated with your support systems.
  4. Reduce implementation time by leveraging tools you already know and use.

The LMS is built on ServiceNow which enables integration with other modules that are currently configured in your ServiceNow environment such as HR and GRC, or it can be a standalone application. HR and GRC module integration can reduce the overall effort and cost of tracking and delivering training requirements in your business.

The LMS application can deliver custom content such as videos, knowledge-based articles, quizzes, or other prebuilt content. In addition, the LMS can provide content solutions through providers who offer prebuilt courses to meet your business needs.


Key features of the PlatCore LMS include:

  • Learner-Centered: A user-friendly, modern portal for learners to enhance their learning experience, which can be branded for your company.
  • Standards-Based: SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant.
  • Rich Reporting: Pre-built reports and dashboards are included.
  • Security Enabled: Course security is provided through ServiceNow groups. LMS administrator approvals are supported for course management and prerequisite overrides.
  • Assignment Management: Assign a single course or groups of courses to individual users or groups of users.
  • Preconfigured Notifications: Notifications allow LMS administrators to notify users of course assignments and due dates.

Implementation of the PlatCore LMS is quick and easy.

It is designed for installation in under one hour, reducing the burden on your IT ServiceNow administrator. This reduction of implementation costs makes installing the PlatCore LMS preferable to other LMS products.

PlatCore is offering a free trial to download to your ServiceNow environment.

We invite you to install the full-featured trial and see how easy it is to deliver training through the PlatCore LMS built for the ServiceNow platform.



Post by Jon Becker
April 24, 2017