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PlatCore Marks Two Years

The dream that started October 2016 with just two founders, no product, no concept, or even an idea of what we were building just turned two. It is wonderful to pause for some history and perspective of what has already been accomplished. We now have a product, great customers, phenomenal team, and a future that looks brighter than ever. (I feel like quoting ZZ Top at this moment, but I'll refrain.)

Time continues to fly by but even faster than our first year… which really flew by! We've had our share of successes and challenges. Our team has expanded to five over the last year. Together we fought and scrapped to achieve ServiceNow Silver Tier Partnership.

Listening to customers, we brought countless new features to the LMS in five significant releases. Surprised to find benefits we had never conceived of, we wrote customer stories about how each customer seems to find a unique use for our software

…and we reached double digits in new customers, with the amazing opportunity to serve many thousands of learners.

It was a lot! Actually, we're energized and exhausted all at the same time!

The business successes are great; however, the personal highlight for me was to see our team converge on Las Vegas at Knowledge 2018. We partied, did business, slept a bit, and reconnected with long lost prospects at Senior Frogs. You won’t find a more dedicated team than the PlatCore crew.

“Five people who care can do more than 500 who don’t.” – Me.

We care.

No Company is Successful Alone

We’ve been fortunate and blessed through the early years. (Technically it’s still early but we enjoy running our company in dog-years.) We’ve had great champions and advocates throughout.

The earliest of believers from ServiceNow included Brad Tilton, Pat DeMartine, who enjoyed our earliest "demo" way back in 2016. Their feedback and support have proven instrumental. Without them, I am not sure we would’ve had a certified product.

Our stellar ISV team from ServiceNow, Avanish Sahai, Dean Hervey, Sydney Lai, and Jacqueline Cullen have become our champions inside and outside of ServiceNow. Their dedication and guidance on building our business have been invaluable.

Martin Barclay and Kevin Brooks are keeping us focused and amplifying our message. We are extremely grateful for their experience and feedback. We’ve had more people than I can count contribute to our success, but most importantly, many have become great friends.

The Company we keep

Behind the scenes: our legal team, Davis, Graham, and Stubbs helped us start up right and manage the complex business landscape. As we begin to navigate bigger waters, they have become trusted advisors. My accountant and friend Cindy Squires at Mile High Books will become an increasingly important partner of PlatCore as we grow. Gamma Group has made a bold impact and helped refine the user experience - driving even better client adoption.

We are fortunate to have been surrounded by remarkable people who genuinely root for our success. PlatCore is the sum of lots of peoples' talents, input, and interest. While we've worked hard, there is lots of credit to go around. I try to remember this often and pay it forward when we can.

To 2019 and Beyond…

We’re not going to give too much away for 2019 except to say it will be amazing. We expect growth, LOTS of it… In our products, in our teammates, in our customers, and in ourselves.

No matter what, we promise to be humble and genuine. We know how blessed we are to be on this adventure. We’ll dream big dreams that produce big results. (Little dreams produce tiny results and that’s boring.) You, our clients, partners, and friends, expect us to be committed to our shared success and we’re all in.

To our current and future customers, we are heavily invested in your success. We take it personally if something isn’t right, if you’re not getting the value we know you should, if adoption is slower than we each hope, etc. No matter what, we will always make it right.

We’ve got your back!

Finally, we want to keep in touch with you. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter and don’t hesitate to reach out directly. Together, let's make year three amazing!

Won’t you join us?

Post by Jon Becker
October 23, 2018