Driving Customer & Employee Success With Integrated Learning

Explore how PlatCore LMS, built on ServiceNow, helps this innovative e-commerce company deliver dynamic, connected learning inside their existing ServiceNow systems.

About The Customer

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One of the industry’s leading e-commerce platforms, this rapidly growing company is on a mission to connect and optimize the world’s commerce. They offer innovative solutions to complex industry needs in a single, centralized platform.

“Education is the key to success for both customers and employees. Seamlessly integrating PlatCore into ServiceNow has greatly increased learning’s visibility – and our impact!”

Director of Global Support
Leading Digital e-Commerce Company

ServiceNow Learning Management System For Organizations

The Challenge

Knowing that education was the key to adoption and retention, this company built a dynamic support center, knowledge center and a success center – all native to the ServiceNow platform.


Leveraging ServiceNow provided a smarter, connected way to serve internal and external customers.


But when it came to their LMS, the surfaced content looked nice, but the functionality fell flat. 

The Solution

Their siloed LMS did not allow them to deliver the seamless user experiences they had worked so hard to cultivate.


Intrepid problem solvers, their leadership team thought first of the ServiceNow platform. They found that PlatCore LMS could help deliver a truly connected learning experience. This included:

Learning Workflows

Multiple Audiences

Connected Data

Platcore | ServiceNow Learning Management System

A Flexible LMS To Meet Any Business Case

Built on ServiceNow, PlatCore LMS fully integrates learning into their current suite of support services. With an amazing time to value, they were up and running within a month. This dynamic team has since been customizing the design, layout and functionality of the LMS to meet their unique needs.


Building on PlatCore’s clean modern interface, learning is now easier to find and manage. They are able to seamless deliver training to both customers and employees. And this is only the beginning of the synergies they have found.

To learn about this team’s customized learning portals and dynamic workflows, download the full case study. 

“PlatCore LMS offers an integrated learning solution that’s game-changing”

The Results

PlatCore has helped this company leverages ServiceNow workflows, security groups, integrated portals, reporting and more, to dramatically scale learner adoption and growth. This case study shares how they rapidly built:


  • Customized portal designs
  • Dynamic learning workflows
  • Connected learning and data


Download the full case study to learn how PlatCore’s native LMS provides a flexible solution that makes learning easier for employees and customers – and ultimately enables company growth.

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