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SOAP BOX FRIDAY: On Trust & Respect

What if vendors treated customers like friends and family – and genuinely cared about their success? What if customers treated vendors like they were there to help? Wouldn’t it be more fun to do business together if there was mutual trust and respect – on both sides?

At PlatCore, we care deeply about the value we promise our clients, partners, and other stakeholders. This is not the norm. It is increasingly difficult to be different when clients have been treated so badly for so long. Bad actors in the industry have trained clients to expect to be cheated, lied to, and defrauded. This is sad. What’s worse, when clients expect to be screwed, it is a long challenging road to convince them otherwise.

While this is frustrating, we persist in ensuring that our customers get the best service. We invite others to join us in doing business the right way, delivering on your promises, and providing true value.

We’re going to continue tilting at windmills. Won’t you join us?


Post by Jon Becker
May 31, 2019