PlatCore Marks Year Three Entering a New Phase of Growth

Every year I take a moment to pause and reflect on what another year means. Year three is a critical milestone for any emerging company – as the survival rate for young companies is less than 50%. Though the stats were not in our favor, our success is due to our phenomenal group leading the charge to improve learning. (We hire only dreamers with A+ skills.)


If the pace of year two was fast, year three was exponentially faster and more intense. We have seen the entire PlatCore team, including our product, customers, and partners gaining incredible momentum.


Here are a few things we’re proud of:


Employee growth (+ 75% increase)


Dedicated to maintaining the culture and quality of our team, we are excited to be bringing on top talent. We have brought in a series of ‘A Players’ with expertise in ServiceNow and Product Development -as well as extensive experience in learning management and federal agencies.


As we continue to see our excellent team grow, we are also always on the search for people with a passion for creating change with great products. If this is you, we want to hear from you!


New Partners (+ 7 Partners)


Our partners play a huge role in helping support our customers – and building the capabilities of our product. We can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring with the powerhouse partners we brought on board this year.


Notably, we have joined forces with ServiceNow® Elite Partner, Cask to illustrate the benefits of implementing Learning Management Systems using the Now Platform. Also of note, we can’t wait for Now at Work, Sydney with our newest partner out of Australia, Value Flow. They are driving great value for our customers Down Under – and have a very strong cake game.


We have yet to even reached the full range of possibilities that our partners bring. But, most of all, we enjoy collaborating with great people that are doing great work in the ServiceNow community.


Customer Growth (+ 60%)


Our customer list is expanding, but also our current customers are expanding their footprint. This must mean we are doing something right! The happiness of our customers serves as a reminder that the quality, care, and dedication we put into our jobs are all worth it.


Not only are we grateful for customer support, but we are also dedicated to their success. Our team continues to invest in onboarding and training efforts to ensure customers are getting an incredible value, starting on day one.


Revenue growth


(Wouldn’t you like to know, but we’re proud of it…)



Seven Summits (Customers on 6/7 Continents)


While our customers have always supported global operations, this year PlatCore is proud to have customers in nearly every continent. If you are based in Antarctica, let’s talk. Our team would love to complete our seven continents global tour!


Product Innovation


Our growth has allowed us to bring countless new features to the LMS in four releases – nearly all based on customer requests and feedback.

  • Learn more about our latest 2.4 release with ground-breaking functionality.
  • Stay tuned for an incredible upcoming release in early 2020 focused on a cleaner, simple interface for both learners and administrators.


In short, our automation features make PlatCore the de facto standard for learning, especially if you’re on the Now Platform, but even if you’re not.


Lastly, the Team

The business successes are great; however, there’s more to us than that. I love our team… a lot! We find energy from each other. We love our jobs helping customers… a lot!  We find energy the more successful our customers are.


We continue to be blessed to work with amazing teammates, customers, and partners. While I recognize the hill we still must climb, we have the team to get there. We promise to be humble and authentic. We know how blessed we are to be on this adventure. We dream big. We care about our customers and their success. It may be unusual, but we believe our customer’s success is our success.


Finally, we want to keep in touch with you and we hope you want to keep in touch with us. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter and don’t hesitate to reach out directly.


Together, let’s make year four even more amazing!