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PlatCore LMS Application Pricing


All plans are billed annually. Minimum $15K annual contract
required, professional services and government pricing available

Built on ServiceNow ISV Native SN Applications

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Becks | Platcore LMS Testimonial

Beck’s Hybrids


“I have not had a better experience installing & integrating a major piece of software! The professionals at Platcore have thought their product through very carefully & thoroughly. They were friendly & responsive…”

Hautelook | Platcore LMS Testimonial


Comsumer Goods

“PlatCore’s interface is easy & personalized. We were able to build a very comprehensive learning center that allowed us to provide learning paths to enhance job performance & give direction. I strongly recommend PlatCore!”

Novellis | Platcore LMS Testimonial



“PlatCore takes something complex & makes it easy and intuitive. In addition, they provide an unmatched level of support. I highly recommend this tool, and the PlatCore team, to any company looking to add, or supplant, an LMS!”