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Welcome to the Winner's Circle

We're excited to announce that PlatCore has secured a prestigious spot in Talented Learning's Top 15 Specialty Learning Systems for 2023.

What sets us apart in this competitive field?

Firstly, we take pride in offering the industry's leading enterprise-grade native LMS application. Our reporting capabilities have earned acclaim, with experts often regarding them as the best available.

For ServiceNow customers in search of an LMS, the question is clear:

Why not PlatCore?



Making it to the top 15 Specialty Learning Systems affirms our dedication to this great path of innovation. With the industry's first native LMS app and top-notch reporting, we're all about making learning and development easier.

"PlatCore enables organizations to deliver increased value, reduce costs, and minimize regulatory and compliance risk through learning applications that extend the ServiceNow platform. Because Platcore is the first and only approved ServiceNow LMS solution, they are extremely competitive against traditional LMS players in the ServiceNow client base of 7000+ global clients." - Talented Learning

Click here to learn more about Talent Learning's unbiased selection criteria and to meet the other 2023 award winners.

Contact us to learn how we are poised to redefine learning and development.


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
September 29, 2023