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ServiceNow Federal Forum

Our team looks forward to being back in Washington, D.C. to sponsor one of our favorite events of the year, ServiceNow's Federal Forum. This one-day event provides a platform for government agencies to collaborate, share best practices, and advance digital transformation through the use of the ServiceNow platform.

This year the conference is focused on Transformation Accelerated, or "connecting people, processes, and technology to innovate at scale, deliver value faster, and simply work better." Do you need more reasons to attend?

This is one of our favorite events because of:

  1. The great opportunity for ongoing learning
  2. The importance of helping enhance government learning experiences
  3. The opportunity to meet smart, inspiring ServiceNow community members
  4. There are CPE credits available... and the event is free for government attendees.

PlatCore's Learning Management System is trusted to deliver learning to the unique and demanding requirements of public sector agencies. Built on the Now Platform, PlatCore uses your existing infrastructure - with approved security, business processes, ServiceNow expertise, and data to improve training compliance – to offer a better government learning experience.

And this year we are bringing an exciting announcement to the Federal Forum - the latest version of PlatCore's Federal Edition, learn more in our Federal Edition 1.2 webinar.


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
February 13, 2023