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WEBINAR: Learning in the Flow of Work

Native ServiceNow workflows that enable the next learning (r)evolution

This on-demand webinar shows how PlatCore LMS uses ServiceNow 'workflows' to create Learning in the Flow of Work.

We show how new learning is paving the way for...

  • Creating Connection at Scale
    Purpose & connection are more important than ever - & are needed on a dramatic scale. Learn how to help support & grow your workforce.
  • Sample Training Workflows
    What is learning in the flow of work? From on-boarding to off-boarding, we will show sample workflows that improve efficiency & employee experiences.

Watch Now:



Chainbridge ServiceNow HR Solutions

Kevin Hall, Human Capital IT Project Manager
A veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard & former federal HR Specialist, Kevin has 17+ years of experience in the Federal domain


Jon Becker, PlatCore LMS
Founder & CEO of PlatCore, Jon brings 25+ years of operations, product, & technology experience including 7+ years ServiceNow Platform experience.

Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
September 9, 2020