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3 Ways to Improve the LMS User Experience

From Now at Work Dallas, our CEO & Founder Jon Becker presents Creating Transformative Training Experiences.  How would you describe a transformative learning experience?
Motivating, useful, relevant, timely, challenging, meaningful.

How would you describe the typical Learning Management System?
Boring, outdated, tedious, frustrating, useless.

Watch the 9min video to learn how we can bridge this gap:


Perhaps you see the disconnect. We want/need meaningful, relevant training to progress our skills and careers, but LMSs fail to connect us to the training that makes this possible. PlatCore, a native ServiceNow LMS, has some answers on motivating your learners, and it's not the fireworks and unicorns you might expect.

Three Ways to Improve the LMS User Experience:


#1 The Training you Need, Where & When you need it.

Great training experiences deliver the training you need, when you need it. An LMS should provide training for moments that matter - for a new hire, employee relocation, compliance, or a promotion. Creating training in the flow of work ensures workers have what they need throughout the employee life cycle.

In addition, your LMS can provide training that is easy and intuitive - and available anywhere. This makes it easy for employees to get what they need and get back to work. What does intuitive or effortless training look like?

Baseline tips to evaluate your training delivery:

  • Is it easy to find and take the required training? Take the treadmill test and see how successful you are at operating any of the applications on your phone.
  • Do learners know when required training is due? If they know, are they held accountable for critical training?
  • Do learners know where to find all of your company training? Could you centralize and simplify these systems or embedded training in the current portal, systems?

Most LMSs are external, siloed systems with limited and delicate integrations. They cannot access enterprise-wide data. PlatCore allows you to centralize, streamline and embed learning. This means training data is readily available across departments, serving to simplify your training and hold users accountable.


#2 Limited Training Resources

Often faced with limited resources, Learning & Development budgets can be under close scrutiny. How can you ensure each training dollar has the biggest impact on your learners?

Many of our customers are often sidled with the huge burden of managing Learning Management Systems. Others refuse to use these large, costly legacy systems, and have created homegrown solutions or haphazardly use emails/spreadsheets. Rather than focusing on the training itself, they all have found their training budgets are consumed by administrative overhead.

A native ServiceNow LMS, PlatCore can help you focus on training, rather than managing your learning systems. Here are just a few of the efficiencies we offer:

  • Consolidate systems, eliminate security vulnerabilities & integrations
  • Leverage current learner data to automate training processes (such as hierarchies and groups -with infinite possibility)
  • Embed learning into current systems (and the employee life cycle)
  • Native data increases training visibility and improves reporting

Are too many of your training dollars going to your systems, rather than your training? Minimize the administrative overhead and maximize the greatest good of the learner. We can help you streamline training delivery, so you can focus on creating content.

Training plays a critical role in the health of your workplace. It would be foolhardy to sacrifice our training. Instead, how can we create more efficient systems for training delivery? If you could focus more training dollars on actual training, what would it mean to your company?


#3 Make Continual Improvements

How do you measure the success of your learning program? Do your learning metrics align with the larger KPIs of your company? Effective reporting can help us optimize our training for the greatest impact, but also helps us make the case for increased investment in learning programs.


Most LMSs are siloed systems that do not provide visibility into organization-wide data. Multiply this problem by the active number of LMSs at your company. Actionable reporting is often an arduous and time-consuming task. Without access to reliable or realtime data, only "25% of companies rely on data to decide which learning programs to deploy/include," BHG, 2019 People Data and Analytics. Built on the Now Platform, PlatCore uses the powerful ServiceNow reporting engine to create nearly limitless real-time reporting. PlatCore has also created thirty out of the box reports to help you accelerate your reporting.

Just as critical as making an impact - how are you communicating this impact to leadership? Our LMS dashboards can be pulled into any ServiceNow dashboard, effortlessly providing your executives real-time training stats. Showing the return on learning program helps you build champions and make the case for expanded resources.

We hope these tips help you improve the LMS User Experience - as well as increase the efficiency of your training delivery. The benefits of streamlining training are usually felt throughout the enterprise. We hope you have learned some tactics for improving effective user experiences. Please contact us to learn more about the PlatCore's potential for creating a meaningful competitive advantage, as well as happy employees for your company.

For more about LMS Reporting

Watch our on-demand webinar “Tracking Learning Metrics that Matter” to uncover training KPIs for retention, compliance & efficiency.  Click here to watch video!


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
December 3, 2019