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5 Reasons Your LMS Should Be On ServiceNow

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Before we jump into why you want ServiceNow-based LMS, let's start with a shared understanding of what an LMS is. At its core, an LMS manages training in your organization. Learning Management Systems have many features but meet four basic needs: assignment, delivery, tracking, and reporting.


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Training Assignment

As regulatory requirements in all industries increase, it is critical that organizations communicate those broadly, consistently, and effectively. This is where an LMS delivers value for all organizations.

You are able to assign course material to an entire organization, specific groups, or individual users. Employees are notified that they have a course to take, when it is due, and how to take it. Employees should also be able to browse course catalogs and assign courses to themselves, growing their skills and organizational capabilities.


Course Delivery

An LMS is also able to deliver that content to employees. Modern Learning Management Systems support mobile devices and can deliver content 24x7 on any device employees have available. This ensures training is available anywhere, anytime.

Systems may support learning standards such as SCORM 1.2 or 2004 or support other content types such as PDF or videos. Modern user experiences also make taking courses as easy as possible.


Registration Tracking

Tracking assignments, open registrations, and prerequisite approvals are core to tracking your organization learnings. An LMS will mark when courses are complete and record in-progress locations for courses.

Achievements can also be awarded to employees with certificates or other proof upon course completion. Notifications can also be sent to remind an employee there is an approaching due date for a course, or an assigned course is past due.



Any good LMS will provide reporting so you can tell where your organization is doing well, and where it needs to improve. If you have access to the raw learning data, the easier your reporting will be. If you also have access to data such as user profiles, compliance information, or HR profiles, the more powerful all your data becomes.


Business Benefits

There are several areas where this helps make your business more effective. As regulatory and compliance needs dominate executive thinking, an LMS helps minimize regulatory risk. Also, employee beliefs about a company are formed early. Assigning training for employee on-boarding helps start an employee off right.

Organization skill growth is critical to sustainable business advantage. It also helps to have a training tool that quickly delivers training for process standardization, reducing costs, and org change management improving strategic alignment. There are lots of good business reasons to have an LMS that drive real value for your business.


Why your LMS belongs on ServiceNow 

Now that we (hopefully) believe an LMS will help your business, why should it be on ServiceNow? Integration of LMS training information coupled with other ServiceNow data makes both systems more powerful. And finally, five good reasons your LMS should be on ServiceNow:


1) Integrate your training and compliance data

It is difficult to manage your training needs in multiple systems, or spreadsheets. By having your data inside ServiceNow, you can simplify your training audits. If you use the GRC module, you can earn double points and make your training control audits easier. Your assigned courses are associated with controls for 10-minute training audits - really!


2) Make employee on-boarding smoother

Assign courses using ServiceNow automation for a reliable, consistent and predictable on-boarding training for new employees. Assign other documents that need acknowledgment such as employee handbooks, code of conduct training, etc., and track completion.


3) Provide better customer support

Interact with your customers based on their demonstrated knowledge. You can display training records in your incident or support modules for clients, and have access to that data when speaking with your client. This allows you to tailor the support experience to a user based on their training. 


4) Get a 360-degree view of your employees

Integrate training records with employee records. Bonus points if you are using the HR module and integrate training with HR records. If you have the HR module from ServiceNow, your LMS should be on the same platform. This choice is a no-brainer.


5) One less system to manage

Prevent cloud sprawl. Don't buy another system when you can have a great LMS on a platform you already know. Your IT team will thank you.


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Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
May 18, 2020