Government LMS Townsville Webinar

WEBINAR: Townsville’s LMS

As a Government Agency, Townsville is required to operate in a highly regulatory environment. Maintaining annually mandated training for their wide variety of city staff, was an incredibly resource-intensive – and challenging task. 

This 35 min video shares how they streamlined their training process using the PlatCore LMS, a Native ServiceNow LMS Application, to save 447 hours per month and achieve a 50% increase in efficiency. Maree Jackson will share the story of the PlatCore LMS implementation, including walking us through their new training roles, sample training workflow automation, and stellar communications rollout. 


If you are thinking of upgrading your LMS, are looking for LMS implementation tips, or are interested in improving your training efficiency, this event is not to be missed!



Townsville Government LMS

Maree Johnson, Learning & Development Specialist

An experienced L&D Leader, Maree is highly skilled at addressing the challenges that businesses face in the training/learning management system space, she will share her experience implementing PlatCore.


Shawn Gabel PlatCore LMS

Shawn Gabel, PlatCore LMS

Chief Solution Architect of PlatCore, Shawn is a retired US Air Force Commander, he has 10+ years of experience in the management consulting industry. 


Jon Becker, PlatCore LMS

Founder & CEO of PlatCore, Jon brings 25+ years of operations, product, & technology experience including 7+ years ServiceNow Platform experience.


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