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Learning in the Flow of Work

Learning systems need to keep up with the pace of change in business. This informative presentation and article share how PlatCore LMS uses the ServiceNow platform to streamline learning to meet your changing business goals. 

Large, complex software programs, LMSs made to be one-size-fits-all. What if learning was built on a connected platform that was flexible enough to meet changing business needs? Let’s take a look at these traditional, siloed systems, and what is next.

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Learning as Compliance (LMS)

Traditionally, the primary goal of learning has been to keep companies (and their executives) out of trouble. Training aligns, not with employee needs, but with company requirements. Learning Management Systems often push mandatory content on unhappy employees and are viewed as a cost center.

Learning as Inspiration (LXP)

Learning solutions have more recently shifted their focus to employee support (with the added benefit of retention, retaining IP, upskilling, etc.) As competition for top talent has gotten more fierce, learning programs add value for recruiters.

This learning content allows employees to easily elect training and expand their skills. Micro-learning allows quick hits of content to be consumed and shared. Learning technologies have moved from employee compliance to employee inspiration.


Learning in the Flow of Work


Learning in the Flow of Work (NOW)

Now, we have the technology to really connect the powerful features of learning systems like the LMS and LXP. Smart, flexible, connected systems, like PlatCore, are ushering in the next revolution in learning. This is a revival of 'Learning in the Flow of Work', that was coined by Bersin several years ago. Built on the Now Platform, PlatCore's comprehensive learning tool covers both compliance and inspiration.

But this new generation also includes:

  • Workflows: Repeatable training processes or 'workflows' allow L&D to build learning into the flow of work. This streamlines training for a wide range of possibilities (like onboarding, career development, approvals, procurement, facilities access, regulatory courses, and so much more). Workflows increase operational efficiency and give the remarkable ability to consistently deliver training at important moments throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Flexible: Easily build training processes that work across the enterprise. Gain the flexibility to meet today's unique (and ever-changing) business needs with low and no-code workflows, brandable and customizable widgets, and much more.
  • Centralized: 'The Platform of Platforms', ServiceNow lets you pull learning (or any other resource/data) from multiple sources to be displayed in one central location. This facilitates the training experience, gives learners control, and makes it easy to find and complete training.
  • Personalized: Connected systems leverage user data (even basic data on location, title, role, groups) to personalize content, presenting the training that is the most relevant, out of an ocean of possibilities.
  • Connected: Native, real-time data tracks progress. It also can be leveraged to assign or recommend training. Connected systems maintain training history on the employee's profile, allowing you to track company-wide skill, role-based, or compliance gaps.

Connected tools facilitate training processes, provide real-time data, and easily provide training employees need to be more productive and efficient. Employee data helps further personalize the training experience.

It has been proven that companies that invest in their teams, employees, contractors, customers, and other stakeholders, produce better results. With that context, it’s no wonder companies are transforming their companies through training.

What Comes Next?

We are painfully aware that rapidly changing businesses require more flexible training platforms. We also know that learning tools need to adapt quickly - or they are quickly irrelevant. We built our learning solution on the ServiceNow platform to offer an alternative – a learning system that is smart, connected, and flexible.

As the world's most secure and flexible LMS, PlatCore connects your employees with what they need, when they need it. Low and No-code workflows allow you to make training and remake training processes as you need them.

Most importantly…

You have the flexibility to ensure your learning system can continue to support your employees no matter what the future holds.


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Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
September 9, 2020