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Knowledge 2023 Recap

We were excited to join forces with ServiceNow Knowledge 23, May 14–18, 2023 in Las Vegas. The first global event for ServiceNow since 2019, Knowledge didn't disappoint.

We want to thank all of the great partners from the event, EsolutionsOne, Zpaper, 3CLogic, Screenmeet and VividCharts. Time spent with these teams and catching up with the wonderful customers and community members made the event a total joy.

Here is a recap of some of the fantastic resources that were shared – and a bit of the fun we had!


Always motivating and poignant, Bill McDermott's Keynote is not to be missed - or is the CreatorCon Keynote for a more technical focus.

The Golden Ticket!

To train 1 million people on ServiceNow by the end of 2024, ServiceNow had made Now Learning's On-Demand training free for attendees. And they have given all conference attendees a 'golden ticket' to share the training with others.

If you couldn't make the conference, this golden ticket matching tool might help!


CreatorCon Labs & Guides

The Knowledge labs were in high demand - luckily they are all now on-demand. Our team will be spending the next weeks catching up on events we couldn't attend.

The great news is that all of the CreatorCon Labs and Guides are now available on Now Learning, and can be found under K23Overall, this dedication to sharing learning and knowledge is outstanding. We hope that many, many people can take full advantage of this amazing offer and that it can help grow the ServiceNow product and community!

Fun at the minus5 ICEBAR!



With great partners (ESolutionsOne, and ZPaper) and great company, the minus5 ICEBAR exceeded its high expectations. See the Photos!

We hope you had a great experience at Knowledge 23 - and if you were not able to attend, we hope you can take advantage of some of the above resources.

If you missed us at Knowledge, or would like to continue the conversation with our team, please reach out, we would love to speak with you!


Lauren Alweis
Post by Lauren Alweis
May 31, 2023